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Dublin: Jack's Favorites

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Dublin is by far the largest city in Ireland, therefore it’s an “international city”. And just like many large cities in the world, it has lots of hustle and bustle and traffic … and it's expensive, especially compared to the rest of Ireland. Just like visiting New York City is not the same as visiting the US, visiting Dublin is not the same as visiting Ireland, but Dublin has lots of tourist sites that you can’t miss.

Dublin's Liffey River

There are many books and websites that discuss ALL of the sights in Dublin, but this blog just focuses on my favorites. As the long time readers have learned, I tend to focus on History, Whiskey, and Food 😉

No matter what you do; you need to be prepared for Dublin, or you will end up seeing next to nothing, no matter how long your stay. This blog is both about my favorites, and how to be prepared. Here’s my list.

Gate to Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle is historically significant and has been the center of power in Ireland from current times back to the founding of Dublin. It is well worth the visit. I highly recommend the guided tour that is much more convenient now that guided tours can be pre-booked on-line.

The courtly elegance of the building has been preserved over the years and today the chambers are used mostly for State Entertainment.

Go here for more info.

Go here to reserve your tour.

The Castle has a tea room that is good for a coffee or snack. Across the street on Dame Street is The Queen of Tarts, a great place for coffee and a treat or for lunch.

Estimated time: 2.5-3.5 hours

Kilmainham Gaol

Kilmainham Gaol (Jail)

This jail was in use for over a hundred years and historically it tracks the history of Ireland. Kilmainham is best known in Ireland as the place where the Heroes of the Easter Rising were executed.