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Galway - Eat, Drink, and Be Merry - Accomodations

Choosing accommodations while traveling is very personal and depends on lots of factors from your height; to how heavy you sleep; to how convenient you want to be to sites and restaurants; to how much you want to pay …. and many more factors. I will not try to make this decision for you, but I will point out the general localities for lodging in Galway and list some pros and cons.

As a side note, all of Galway is VERY safe by American Standards. You may see the occasional panhandler and sloppy drunk, but that is the worst you will see. Crime is NOT an issue.

I’ve included a google map of central Galway in the figure below. Here are the areas as I would categorize them:

1. Eyre Square

2. College Road

3. Dublin Road

4. N6

5. Spanish Arch

6. Salthill

Eyre Square

This is the area near the center of the map with Shop Street on one corner and the bus and train stations on the other corner. There are a large number of choices in this area from budget to old-style luxury hotels. Eyre Square can be a “party area”, so you will want to check the hotel ratings to see if noise is a problem, particularly if your B&B or Hotel is right on Eyre Square.

Some hotels in this area are:

1. The Meyrick Hotel

2. The Park House Hotel

3. Radisson Blu

4. The Skeffington Arms Hotel

5. The Western Hotel

The Meyrick Hotel

The Skeffington Arms Hotel

I have not stayed at any of these hotels but I have eaten at The Meyrick, The Park House, The Skeff, and The Western Hotel and the food is pretty good. I have also had business associates or guests who were happy with the accommodations at the Radisson Blu. The Western Bar in the lobby of The Western Hotel has one of the better Trad sessions in Galway on Thursday nights.