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Galway - Eat, Drink, And Be Merry - Pubs

Finally …. Let’s talk about Galway Pubs ..

Rating pubs is an endeavor fraught with perils; everyone has an opinion and taste that could be different than mine. My tastes lean towards more traditional pubs, particularly pubs with music. There is no real order to the list below other than the list starts in Eyre Square and proceeds through town. I’ll try to give you an idea of why I like these pubs and you can decide for yourself if they are for you.

The Skeff

There is nothing better on a sunny day, than to sit outside the Skiff with a beer and watch the people in Eyre Square … I don’t think that is too hard to enjoy. This is a large pub with pretty good food, and a wide selection of beers. There are several bars within the pub, so you should be able to find a quiet corner if that’s what you are seeking, Unless it is Friday or Saturday night late, when the bands arrive.

One of the Bars in The Skeff Another one of The Skeff's Bars, Ready for Halloween

The Skeff - Just Off Eyre Square


If you want a mixed cocktail, this is your pub. This pub is a little more polished than than your small village pub, and it also has a few bars. They also have a very nice restaurant that I talk about later. The location is a little out of the way, but convenient to some hotels, and it’s right next to a taxi office.


This pub is a classic Irish Pub. It is relatively small, but with a great whiskey selection. Frenney’s is also an “off license” and fishing tackle store.(off license means you can buy liquor for consumption off the licensed premises). So you have plenty to keep you amused if the pace is still a little slow. I usually head to the fire place area on a cold and rainy day. The tables out front are great for people watching on a sunny day. Freeney's is in the middle of Shop Street, a large pedestrian only street through the center of medieval Galway.


Freeney's Front Window with Fishing Tackle Large Selection of Whiskey in Front Window

Seating at Freeney's

Front Door

This is another large pub with several “cozy corners” and fireplaces. The whiskey selection is excellent. This is a late bar and becomes a different younger place at about half past twelve.

Sonny Molloy's Front Room

View Down Shop Street

Dail Bar

More of a “polished pub”. The food is pretty good. A good place to watch a match, but arrive a little early in order to get a good seat. BTW, Dàil Èireann is the name of a house in the Oireachtas or Irish Legislature.

Tigh Neachtain

Neachtain’s(knock-tans) is a small storied old classic pub that has been featured in several TV shows and movies. The outside seating is great, but busy, so it is hard to find a seat. Inside is a little cramped, but a very classic Irish pub look. Some afternoons and evenings you’ll find a Trad session.

The Dail Bar with Neachtain's in the Background

Tigh Neachtain


This is a larger pub with several live music venues associated with it. The pub is friendly and the food is good.

The Crane Bar

Musician Seating at the Crane Bar Crane Bar

A small very classic Irish pub; rough furnishings but topped with a vase of fresh cut flowers. The walls are covered with the pictures of past performers. The standard selection of beers, but they sometimes have Beamish on tap (a Stout from Cork). The music is the best. The Crane can be very busy Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night, so if you don’t like a crowded bar scene, this is not your place those nights.

Again, this is my list. I haven’t found a bad pub in Galway or Ireland. All the pubs up and down shop street or around Eyre Square may end up being your favorite pub. Let me know if you have an opinion.

See You In The Pub!

Jet Lag Jack

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