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A Quick Tour of Southern France and Spain - Grenoble

Original: November 2013

This blog is the first from our November trip to France and Spain. Our initial stop was Grenoble where we mixed business and pleasure ... someone has to do it, but the trip to Grenoble from Galway is LONG ... and interesting:

1. Bus to the Dublin airport

2. Hotel stay for a night

3. Flight from Dublin to Heathrow

4. Flight from Heathrow to Lyon

5. TGV train ride from Lyon to Downtown Grenoble

Yes, we could have taken Ryan air from Dublin airport to Lyon, but we were flying the wrong day of the week, and life is better when one has status ... we had access to the British Air Lounge in Dublin and Heathrow for breakfast and lunch to help make our stops leisurely. The TGV is France's high speed luxury train and it was fun to watch the speed meter, at the front of each passenger car, as the scenery went whizzing by. The TGV is run by SNCF and you can buy your tickets at their website. The rail station at the Lyon airport is very impressive architecturally ... spacious, light, airy, and projects a pleasant view and a very short walk from the Lyon airport ... like attached at one end.

The Grenoble train station is in the city center and our hotel was just across the street, Suisse et Bourdeaux. It is a 2-star hotel, with 2-star rooms (but en suite WC), a 2-star breakfast (very edible and filling), and a 2-star price ( less than €70 per night); BUT a 5-star location ... across from the train station in the city center and a terrific view of the Alps from our room. Don't plan your leisure time around this room; it is a place to sleep and shower and maybe surf the net for your next restaurant or tourist attraction. We made our hotel reservations at link. (

View from Room at Suisse et Bourdeaux

I was in Grenoble for a technical conference, but took time off one morning to do a little sightseeing by walking up La Bastille, a hill in the center of Grenoble with an old castle or fortification at the top. The walk took about an hour; we went up the short, but steep side, and came down the long, but less steep side. The view at the top was well worth the walk. We could have taken the "Bubble", a tram, up and down, but the coffee we had at the top tasted better after the walk .... or was more appreciated ... In reality, this was the "off season", and the bubble didn't start until later in the morning. At the top we enjoyed the coffee and admired the view for about an hour. This is an attraction that is well worth the detour.

Along the Walk Up La Bastille

View Along the Walk