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Nürnberg Germany and the Altstadt Festival

This blog describes our trip to Nürnberg.

We arrived in Nürnberg on Friday after a flight from Dublin to München. We then took the S-bahn and local (Regional) train from München to Nürnberg, about 3 hours total. Not a very stressful day and we arrived mid to late afternoon.

The Regional train was significantly cheaper but also had significantly more people. Carol and I got a seat together but only because Carol asked an “older lady” to swap seats (which she did grudgingly) but we still enjoyed the ride, our snack and the views.

Lunch for the Train, bread, meat, cheese

After arriving in Nürnberg we immediately went to our hotel, a five minute walk from the train station, to dump our luggage and then headed to town.

Our Room

A park around the Corner from Our Hotel

Our hotel was Hotel Busch and is a standard German budget hotel: clean, sometimes a little worn, with an en suite bath and toilet. It was €85 a night with breakfast. The breakfast was the standard German – fresh rolls, lunch meats and mild cheeses, eggs, lots of coffee or tea, juice, fruit, cereal, yogurt, .... well worth the €6 each. I think I drank more than €12 of coffee each day. The hotel was right outside of the old town or Altstadt. It was about a 10-15 minute walk to the thick of the festival or one could have taken the U-bahn to the center of town and it would probably have taken the same amount of time, maybe a little less.

Our Hotel, Hotel Busch

One of the reasons for our visit to Nürnberg was the Altstadt (or Old Town) Festival so Friday afternoon we went for a walk around the city to get to know the city and the grounds of the festival, quite a bit of exercise. Of course at about 4:00, we found a place for Kaffee and Kuchen. The name was Cafe Beer but no beer her