St. Patrick's Day in Ireland

St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland is a big deal but not necessarily a big “production”. It is a national holiday but in general it is a little more family oriented than is probably perceived in North America. There is a Saint Patrick’s Day celebration in almost any city or town of any size. The celebrations have two general personalities but many towns and villages fall in between the two. I’ll call them the “small town” personality and the “tourist” personality. The small town personality is akin to the small town celebrations for the 4th of the July in the US. The local parade usually commences after the St. Patrick’s Day Mass and consists of the usual suspects: groups marching, grade school b

Ireland with Kids

Almost all of my blogs are oriented towards adults. Ireland with children is a different experience, but still very enjoyable for all. This blog is a summary of my experiences with my grandsons and other under-18’s touring around Ireland. This is a tough blog to generalize since I don’t have current experience with young granddaughters that probably see things differently than grandsons. Additionally, the interests of children can vary significantly even at the same age. Fooling Around at Dublinia My grandsons are very curious and smart (of course, they’re my grandsons 😉), and enjoy different types of transportation and sports. Other children may be interested in animals like horses, sheep,

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