Getting to Ireland and Back! - The Arrival and Departure Experience

For newbie or occasional travelers, arriving at a new airport is discombobulating (yes, that’s a real word). Arriving at a new airport after a 6-9 hour flight, and with a 5-8 hour time zone shift is confusing to almost everyone. This blog attempts to walk you through a Dublin airport experience and help you persist through the fog. In the process, I’ll discuss a little bit about passports, customs and immigration, and a strategy for the first and last 24 hours of your trip. If you have a direct flight to Dublin from North America, and don’t have a stop in the EU, you will probably be arriving at Dublin Airport at Terminal 2. I will first give directions for T2 followed by some brief modifica

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With the kick off of our Jet Lag Jack Tours, Jet Lag Jack blog will now be migrating to our new website. The move will take some time, so you can still find all the old posts at As posts are moved gradually to, you'll still find a link at the old site. Thank you for your patience as we go through these growing pains!

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