Planning Your Trip - OPW and the Heritage Card

One of the best-kept Irish holiday secrets is the Office of Public Works, OPW, and the Heritage sights that they manage. An even better secret is the Heritage card that affordably provides unlimited admission to the OPW Heritage Sights. The Office of Public Works or OPW is tasked with providing infrastructure for the state of Ireland. This infrastructure includes everything from government office buildings to flood prevention infrastructure. A minor activity, but not to tourist, is their responsibility to manage the historic sights and monuments in Ireland. The OPW has responsibility for over 750 sights, and many are open to the public. The Heritage Ireland website will give you a link to al

County Clare - Intro

County Clare is one of my favorite Irish counties, right behind Galway. Clare is immediately south of County Galway and a great day trip or overnight trip from Galway City, or a stop on a "southern loop" vacation. Clare has it all: views, quaint villages, and a great music community. Like my blogs on Galway, County Clare will be a series of blogs. First blog: an overview of the County sights, towns, and transportation options. Sights County Clare has a wide variety of great sights that range from the Cliffs of Moher to Bunratty Castle to Music pubs, and many scenic views. Here is a short list with a small commentary: Cliffs of Moher - IMHO this is the third best view in Ireland (after the vi

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