Getting Around In Ireland - Part 2 Trains

Trains are a comfortable and economical way to travel throughout Ireland, most of the time. This blog discusses some of the ins and outs of using Irish rail that will make your experience much smoother. The primary focus is on Heuston Station in Dublin, and the Dublin to Galway rail route. This is the route taken most often by our visitors and ourselves. The Irish Rail website is very useful and is a great place for additional exploration and ideas. Most tourist are using the rail lines to/from Dublin where there are two major train stations, Connolly and Heuston. (There is a third called Pearse that is mostly used for commuter trains). Heuston Station has trains to Cork, Limerick, Waterfor

Irish-English vs. American-English

After living in Ireland for a few years, we seamlessly switch between Irish-English and American-English. OK, it’s almost seamless. Despite accompanying many of our guests, we’ve encountered a few times when they ask for one thing and get another, and listening to the interaction, we only realized the potential misunderstanding after the fact. At the risk of taking away some of the Irish language encounters that would add to your vacation memories, I will attempt to give you a minimal guide to Irish English ... Definitely different from American English. There are famous quotes attributed to Winston Churchill and Oscar Wilde that apply here that go something like: “Britain and America are

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