Getting Around in Ireland - Part 1

For most people visiting Ireland from North America, cars are not the best way to get around … for a variety of reasons (see some of my earlier blogs). A combination of mass transit, taxis, and an occasional rental car may be your least stressful as well as a thrifty option for your transportation. In addition, by taking mass transit, you get an opportunity to meet fellow passengers and the drivers; and get a feel for the nuances of the Irish culture. It will take you slightly longer to take mass transit, and it does have some time restrictions, but you can also do fun and productive things while in transit (reading about your next stop, trip journal writing, etc. ). You can also use the tim

The Aran Islands: Inishmore

I’ve been slowly but surely describing a couple of possible itineraries for your visit to Ireland, the southern and northern loops. So far, I’ve described things to experience, places to stay, and restaurants for day 1 and 2 in Galway. Where day 1 was your arrival day in Ireland and travel to Galway, and day 2 was a tour of Galway City. For this blog I will branch out to a part of Galway County that is IMHO the most beautiful part of Ireland, the Aran Islands, and in particular the island of Inishmore (Inis Mór in Gaelic), the largest of the three islands. I’ll describe places to see, stay, and eat; just as I did for Galway, but this should be one blog since the island is rather small (popul

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