Pre-Trip Homework

Update: 20-May 2016 This blog is for those who believe trip preparation is as much fun as the trip. The subject is not about putting together an itinerary, hopefully my other blogs and travel websites help with that. I've assembled a list of things to better prepare you for the Culture and History of Ireland. In other words, this is your pre-trip World Cultures and History Class homework... But this will be much more fun than when you were in Middle School (6th class)! I will now add the usual disclaimer: This is my opinion and is colored by my preferences. I'm assuming the average visitor is visiting Ireland to see the scenery, experience the culture, and learn a little history. I can't re

Galway - Eat, Drink, and Be Merry - Restaurants ... Finally!

Now we can talk about the Restaurants of Galway …. My second favorite thing about Galway.... after the Pubs There are a lot of good to excellent restaurants in Galway, and even more so considering its size (80K people). I attribute this to the tourist trade, both international and domestic. Many rural Irishmen come to Galway for the “big city”, and of course Galway is known around the world and is an International tourist destination. I also attribute this to the large university population, 15-20% of the population. Finally, Galway is the Cultural and Government center for the West of Ireland. As in North America, this tends to increase the restaurant population and quality. The following i

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry - Eating Ins and Outs … Part 2

Update: 20-May 2016 I really wanted to write about my second favorite subject right after the Pubs of Galway -- the restaurants of Galway, but a little more background is needed; so I still need to discuss more about Irish restaurant Ins and Outs. This blog attempts to describe my opinions on the general restaurant fare of Ireland. This may help you decide what to order and not order while on holiday (vacationing) in Ireland. Remember this is my opinion, and a generality…. Your mileage may vary depending on your tastes and the specific restaurants you visit. Seafood All the seafood is great, particularly mussels and the fresh fish. Salmon is found in virtually every restaurant; both cooked a

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